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Greg Shattuck

Greg Shattuck is not what you picture when you think of the typical Texas auctioneer. There’s no hat, no shiny belt buckle, but don’t mistake the lack of accoutrement for a lack of chops. Rather than just fitting in, Greg has been leading innovation in the auction industry since 1987. He’s like the Hawaiian shirt in the closet full of suits; refreshingly different from the status quo.

Most mornings, Greg can be found swimming laps in the cool, vibrant waters of Barton Springs before most of the city has wiped the sleep from their eyes. He carries that vigor with him back to the office where he wants to be the first and the best at finding a solution before there’s even a problem. That’s the kind of thinking that lead him to move beyond live auctions and partner with technology experts at ProAce to launch The move to online auctions allows Shattuck and Associates to reach exponentially more bidders which bring all the more revenue and exposure to the consignors.

The business is all about relationships for Greg, because the people are what make his job the best. Working closely with clients and getting to know their needs is the only way to provide them with the kind of service they deserve and develop a mutual trust that helps everyone stay ahead of the curve.

Brett Neal

Brett Neal is the cowboy of the office. No, he’s not out driving dogies on the weekends, but he can probably be found under a ten-gallon hat strumming a guitar. Brett’s far from being all hat and no cattle, as he brings some serious auctioneering skills to the team. He is a graduate of the legendary Missouri Auction School and has received training in all aspects of the auction business. His strong background in sales and diverse experience as an auctioneer have made him a valuable addition to Shattuck and Associates.

Brett comes to Austin from Bakersfield California, and his love for music of all kinds is a big reason why he chose to relocate to the “Live Music Capital of the World”. When he’s not auctioneering, Brett is a musician who has played clubs, gin joints, and honkytonks from Bakersfield to Los Angeles. Now, his band The Daliens can be found adding their classic country sounds to the Austin music landscape. Whether he’s selling your stuff or serenading your two-step, you’ll be glad you’re there to hear him.

Chris Oyler

Chris Oyler is the legs of the operation, traveling all over Texas to transform warehouses from a random collection of surplus to organized lots ready to hit the virtual auction block. Where some people would get road-weary, Chris relishes the variety in his job. It allows him to meet lots of different people, and he wants to get to know all of them. Chris grew up on a farm in Northwest Missouri, and is no stranger to hard work. His jack-of-all-trades skillset helps him tackle any problem that can arise out in the field. That and his experience working under the tutelage of Greg and Jan have made him one of the best setup guys in the business.

Before moving to Austin, Chris worked as a photographer in Kansas City. He came to Austin for a change of pace, and has been in love with the capital city ever since. Now he just has to convince all of his friends that they too belong in Texas.

SLAPSALE is a Business to Business / Business to Consumer online auction consignment house, offering assets from the United States Bankruptcy Court, corporate lenders, municipalities, universities, hospitals, and other businesses. is the online auction subsidiary of Shattuck LLC – a liquidation services company providing auction services, appraisals and asset management for a long list of clients for nearly 25 years.

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